Does this sound familiar?

“I have too much to learn and too little time!”

“I keep procrastinating.”

“I’m not retaining the information that I study.”

“I think I have test anxiety.”


A Vital Study Skills Workshop at Your School is The Solution!

Since 1988 we have worked with students from medical and veterinary schools, schools of nursing, universities and community colleges to offer an effective, evidence-based system of learning strategies.

Many institutions do not have a systematic approach to student retention and completion. While various factors affect student persistence, we know that students who pass their courses are more likely to be retained and graduated.

Vital Skills Workshops provide institutions the opportunity for their students to acquire immediate and life-long learning skills. These skills lead to greater student retention and graduation rates. In other words we make your college or university more effective at educating, and we make students more effective in their learning.

When you schedule a Vital Skills Workshop we will help your students:


  • manage their time
  • get the most out of lectures
  • organize study notes
  • improve long-term memory
  • increase concentration
  • reduce test anxiety
  • prepare for exams

Vital Skills Workshops make your college or university more effective at educating and students more effective at learning.

How Does it Work?

Workshop Package Options and Structure



We offer two versions of the workshop:

  • Two-day workshop. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Time is included for lunch and morning and afternoon breaks. The two days may be consecutive or one week apart.
  • Six-week workshop. Two-hour sessions meet once a week for six consecutive weeks.


Workshop format includes a combination of individual work, group work, instructor presentation and group discussion.



The workshop format requires at least one instructor for every 20 students. Forty students is the maximum number of participants for each workshop.



Students are taught how to take charge of their own learning using the proven study methods developed by Straker & Kelman.


Customized Workshop

Choose this option if you would like for students to practice using materials from their current classes. Pre-reading and/or Reading modules will be customized for your institution.


Workshop + Facilitator Certification

This option is for organizations that want to bring this workshop in-house as part of an ongoing retention program. Selected faculty learn the strategies needed to effectively implement the Vital Skills Workshop and integrate it into their overall retention efforts.


Vital Skills: Effective Learning Strategies Overview (or Applied Educational Neuroscience)

Not sure if you are ready to host a workshop? Try a seminar to pilot the idea. This two-hour to four-hour session gives students an overview of the elements included in an effective learning strategies system.


In addition to Student Workshops, we also provide Faculty Seminars.

If students declare they “study ALL the time” but don’t understand the material, what can you do?

A faculty seminar will provide tools to help faculty determine what the underlying issue may be, without having to re-teach the course to each student who comes for assistance.
Increase student persistence, retention and graduation by hosting a Vital Study Skills Workshop or Faculty Seminar. For more information write or call us:

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